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Rankings and Grand Prix Results
Dewsbury Road Runners Current Rankings

John Mason 2381 
Treena Johnson 2351 
Andy Dean 2340 
James Morris 2339 
John Calvert 2339 
Dewsbury Road Runners Grand Prix Scores

Harun Umarji 83 
Kathryn Tait 50 
Paul Smith 46 
Rachel Leborgne 44 
Kieran Pickles 41 
Latest Results
Dewsbury Road Runners Latest Added Results

Event/Stage DateRace/Stage NameCatFull NameHMSPos (Stage Pos)
22nd Apr 2017 Oakwell Hall Park Run M45 Graham Yeomans  24 25 45 of 261 
22nd Apr 2017 Oakwell Hall Park Run M45 Steve Hall  22 59 27 of 261 
22nd Apr 2017 Oakwell Hall Park Run M Adam Carney  21 52 19 of 261 
22nd Apr 2017 Leeds Park Run M55 Gary Stanway  22 37 90 of 517 
22nd Apr 2017 Huddersfield Park Run M50 John Whitelock  22 20 97 of 752 
Thurs 27thth April 2017
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Thurs 27th April 2017

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Easter Sunday Beat The Clock
Hi everyone, John is putting on a 'beat the clock' event on Easter Sunday. If you want to take part, you need to be at ...more
John Calverts watchless handicap approx 3.9 miles
John Calverts watchless handicap 16th April Result what I have deciphered from Johns writing and recording.Actual time ...more
England Athletics
England Athletics Membership Renewals Saturday 1st April is renewal date for England Athletics. I will be renewing ...more
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