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Ever since I have been involved at the club, it has been difficult to fill the committee and find people to perform some of the roles. This is not too surprising as they can be time consuming and people only have so much spare time to help.

The club has grown a lot recently however, and I have noticed much more enthusiasm in some of the new member to get involved in the committee.
This is great but creates a problem. The official club rules state that every committee member must be elected by a secret ballot of all the members, a complex undertaking and one which in the past might have left us with not enough committee members. Also considering then the lack of interest, a waste of time.
So we left the issue to a show of hands at the AGM. I only remember once in 15 years a single position being contested, and a host of times when people were pushed on reluctantly.
As we have much more interest this year, we have to do things differently. I propose the following:

1.We require all nominations in advance of the AGM for the following committee roles

Mens Captain
Ladies Captain
Social Secretary
Vets Rep
Routes, Rankings
Clothing Rep
X Country Rep
Website, Results (11)

2.We do a secret ballot at the AGM of the membership present (slips provided) of all contested roles
All the current committee have agreed to stand for next year except for Andy Meskimmon (Vets Rep).

At present I have 3 nominations for the Vet Rep role but no others. Please can you send me any other nominations for any role by midday Thursday.

Please do not be shy!!!!
If you are simply interested please contact me to discuss it. I will be running Tuesday + in Leggers afterwards.

Andy Cottier
Club Secretary
Dewsbury Road Runners
Submitted by Andrew Cottier
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