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Winter League XC
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The races are team events, each person who crosses the finish line is given a number of points corresponding to their finishing position. The higher the finishing position the higher the points allocated, these start at 500 for the first finisher, 499 for the second placed and 498 for the third and so on. The points for each club's finishers in the different categories are added together for the club team totals. The category scores are then used to rank against the other clubs. Prizes are allocated at the end of the season according to category rankings.
Whats New For 2018 to 2019 Season....

There have been some changes to the race rules/entry which are new for this season, these are shown below:

1.There is an online entry system where every runner will be able to purchase a season pass for £6. The cost includes the admin fee, and entitles you to run all six races, the PECO relays if you're selected, race number, pins, complimentary Buff if you start 5 races and a subsidised end-of-season presentation night. If you are a Second Claim Runner (i.e registered with another club primarily, with DRR being your second club) you must purchase a Season pass before Race 1 to qualify for DRR. Enter using this link to the Racebest site. The entry should be open all the way through the winter but to qualify your points you need to be registered through Racebest by the end of the Friday preceding the corresponding event on the Sunday.


2.You will be issued with your race number and pins at the first race which is at Baildon. You must keep this number and use it for the remaining 5 races in the series. If you lose it you can be issued with a replacement for a £3 fee. Anyone spotted wearing an illegal or DIY number will be disqualified from that race.

3.Club vests or T-shirts are to be worn by all club runners during a race. If you dont wear one of these then the organisers will deduct any team points you may score but you will retain your individual points and qualifying tally.

4.The hosting clubs will try to accommodate all abilities but it has been agreed that for the welfare of the marshals & volunteers the organisers will be introducing a time cut-off point in their races. The specific details of the times will be publicised in the run-up to each event but the current guidelines are that if you havent reached a specific point on the course by say mile 2 after 30 mins then you may be asked to take a short cut to the end of the course and you may not be allowed to finish. This obviously corresponds to a required pace of 15min/mile.
Submitted by Steve Hall
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