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Steven Pilling
The Past Is A Foreign Country

Didn't know what to write so chose LP Hartley. I took up running 2008 when I was 41 for no obvious reason took it seriously mid 2009 and joined Rodillian Runners. Got better as you are meant to do won club championship 2010 & 2011 which made me feel almost sinfully proud. Have since then managed to accrue a number of running issues 2013 developed asthma had to stop 2014 built a driveway and developed a hernia so stopped running and august 2015 discovered that when bike meets SUV , SUV wins, broke nose, jaw , cheekbone , eye socket, left hand and tore right shoulder and found my elbow bone could escape the skin that covered it. Have a head full of titanium plates and a scar that looks in a certain light like I have been in a knife fight. Joined Dewsbury because despite living in Wrenthorpe I liked the cut of your jib. When not wearing shorts and bright trainers I read a lot (used to work for Leeds library service in Leeds Prison) and have a music thing which explains most of the titles of my runs on strava. I post my runs as "The King Of Carrot Flowers" which means if you understand the reference I think you have taste. Have a fondness for Pies, haribo and craft ale which will always mean I'm never at my optimal running weight.
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Latest Added Results for Steven Pilling

Event/Stage DateRace/Stage NameCatHMSPos (Stage Pos)
12th Oct 2019 Rothwell Park Run M50  23 16 29 of 271 
28th Sep 2019 Wakefield Park Run M50  21 42 26 of 303 
7th Sep 2019 Wakefield Park Run M50  20 47 16 of 327 
31st Aug 2019 Wakefield Park Run M50  20 53 16 of 326 
17th Aug 2019 Rothwell Park Run M50  21 37 19 of 344 
Top Performances for Steven Pilling

Event CategoryHMSRaceDate
10 Mile Race  09 28  Vale of York 10  14th Apr 2019 
10k Race   41 35  Doncaster 10k  25th Nov 2018 
20 Mile Road Race  27 09  Brownlee Centre Festival 20  3rd Mar 2019 
5 Mile Race   35 15  West Yorkshire Fire 5  13th Aug 2017 
5k Race   20 25  Wakefield Park Run  9th Jun 2018 
Half Marathon  34 02  Vale of York half marathon  9th Sep 2018 
Marathon  13 43  Hull Marathon  23rd Sep 2018 
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